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Salesforce Customer Success Calendar

A ground up re-envisioning of a global event platform for the world's largest CRM company.


When the pandemic changed the world as we knew it, the ripple effect meant major changes for in-person events worldwide. The Salesforce Customer Success (CS) team realized they would need a completely new event discovery and registration platform to better serve their global audience. That’s when Salesforce tapped the Savage Bureau to design and develop a highly performant, multi-language solution to deliver a best-in-class event experience to their users.

UX Design
Visual Design
Web Application Design
Design System Implementation
Web Application Development

MVP Concept: Land Rover vs. Winnebago

After an extensive requirements gathering phase, we began to workshop concepts with the CS team. Early in the MVP UX phase, we presented multiple conceptual approaches to determine the ensuing design direction: “The Landrover”, a sleek no-frills explorative experience versus “The Winnebago”, a more compartmentalized approach that featured event content in more dynamic contextual ways. “The Winnebago” was ultimately chosen and the UX foundation was set.


Faster, Smarter

From the onset, the performance of the platform was stressed as a priority. The CS team was extremely focused on speed and responsiveness given the existing solution's limitations. The Savage team scaffolded and built a modern React/Redux foundation, as well as Node/Express API, that was routinely serving data-intensive route/page times in under a second.

A Robust Design System

As we finalized our designs we also worked hard to develop a detailed and robust design system that would not only maximize efficiency but ensure a clean handoff was ready to share with the internal design teams at Salesforce. From color, type, and button styles to a vast array of purpose-built and responsive web components, our system was inclusive of every key detail needed for successful future updates.

An integral part of our design system was to create event cards that contained nested sub-components for indicators such as the date/time/video content types or the favoriting symbol that could quickly be adjusted through Figma variants. Additionally, these components contained a variety of auto-layout settings allowing for fast text revisions that wouldn't break the component when flexed.

Personalization for a Global Audience

The CS team wanted to provide a personalized experience for its power users. The Savage Bureau team implemented a custom login flow leveraging the Salesforce Trailblazer ID system, allowing users to register seamlessly, favorite events and videos, and view registration history to easily stay on top of upcoming events.

To truly meet the intended audience, the app need to support eight interface languages, leveraging the latest i18n frameworks. The Salesforce team was able to translate all interface elements as well as serve language-specific event content. The responsive design allowed elegant flow of content into all the design elements.

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