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Hybrid Poker

Kill some time with a basic poker game, or hone your skills with the Hybrid Poker app – this revolutionary app is a game-changer.


Hybrid Poker came to us with a unique idea – a new poker training app that is more than a fun way to kill some time and make some virtual cash. This AI-guided learning app helps players understand the entire game tree, assess strengths and weaknesses, and highlight statistically relevant spots to improve their strategy – all by playing at game speed.

Aside from an algorithm and a name, they didn’t have much, so we created a brand identity, a splash page, and some cool swag for the team.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Social Media

Branding, Website & swag

After an initial discovery exercise with the core team, we created several unique identity marks, designed to convey the essence of the brand, which is all about poker education and mastering the two core concepts of poker play: Game Theory Optimal and Exploitive gameplay. We focused on marks that spoke to the essence of gaming, but with an underlying component of education.

The final identity mark is based on the underlying concept that an infinite number of possibilities and outcomes exist in any poker hand. A modern sans serif typeface is linked together with an infinity symbol at its core. The custom interlocking club symbol speaks to the idea of poker, but with a modern tech feel.

hybrid poker baseball hat
hybrid poker sweat shirt
hybrid poker app screen
hybrid poker app screen mockup
hybrid poker tee shirt
hybrid poker polo shirt
hybrid poker logo design
hybrid poker enamel pin

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